Paul truly wants to go home. It is tough being here for three weeks. He misses our little ones and his normal routine. He misses his strength (although, he did get 8,000+ steps yesterday).

  • Kidneys:  he is making lots of urine. I mean LOTS of urine. That is the good news.
    • The difficult news is that his creatinine continues to rise 2 days post dialysis. So, we assumed he was going back to dialysis this morning as his creatinine went up from 7.7 to 10.4. But, you have heard what happens when you assume…
    • The doctor came in and said some of the other kidney numbers look like they might be stabilizing. So, he is taking another blood sample at 11am and determining if Paul needs a shorter dialysis today or wait until tomorrow. He believes some of the creatinine increase can also be due to all of Paul’s activity.

I also asked what happens when Paul comes home, if he still needs dialysis. He was very reassuring that he does not believe this will be a long term need (no guarantees, but doesn’t expect that to be the case).

While I have truly felt God showing us the same thing, it is nice to have the doctors confirm that belief.

One last update – we are looking into the potential for Paul to come home before his kidneys are perfect and moving to outpatient “acute” dialysis. Insurance usually prefers inpatient dialysis, but we are checking.

So, prayers for today:

  1. 11am labs show improvements
  2. kidney filter kicks in fully
  3. if needed, we can go home and finish this in outpatient dialysis

Thank you for your prayers!  Will update when we get results of 11am draw. Might be closer to 1pm by the time we get the results.

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